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Colorado redstone is a material that (to our knowledge) is used exclusively by Manuel and Daniel Weahkee.

The Weahkee's have relatives who live very near Mesa Verde and it's a place that Daniel frequently hikes for inspiration. During one of these visits he and a park ranger were visiting and upon learning that Daniel was a Zuni fetish carver, the ranger showed Daniel some fetish carvings that are artifacts from the Mesa Verde ruins.

Some of these fetish carvings were made of a red material that was not pipestone, dolomite or serpentine. Daniel was intrigued by the stone and wondered at its origins.

Not long after, while hiking near his cousin's home he found a similar stone which he collected, took home and carved. He's convinced that it is the same stone the Mesa Verde artifacts are carved from. He now mines this stone to use in his fetish carvings as homage to his Puebloan ancestors.

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