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Zuni Spirits is proud to represent a variety of Zuni fetish carvers, including Lynn Quam!

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Lynn Quam

Zuni Spirits is proud to represent a variety of Zuni fetish carvers, including Lynn Quam! Zuni fetishes are treasures from the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo, NM! We appreciate your interest in Zuni fetishes.  Collecting them is a passion we share! Zuni Spirits is celebrating 13 years of online web-gallery representation of Zuni fetish carvings! Lynn Quamis just one of the talented artisans whose work you'll find often at Zuni Spirits! Zuni Spirits is proud to represent a variety of Zuni fetish carvers, including Lynn Quam!


One of the problems we as Zuni fetish traders encounter from time to time is that often times what a stone is named from a supplier of raw materials is correct, sometimes it colloquially has a nickname, or is named for a mine or, as we have found out about this so-called "Vietnamese Jasper", is an outright fabrication. We fell for it hook, line and sinker just like many out there in Cyberland have also done. It is one of the problems we see in this business but when we find out the truth, we feel we must set the record straight, so here goes our best shot.

There seems to be an awful lot of names for this stone. Mariam stone, Mariam jasper, Mariyam jasper, Elephant skin jasper, India script stone, Arabic script stone, and Coquina jasper are but a few. Coquina jasper is a better desription of the stone and is a more accurate term! Coquina is the Spanish word for cockleshells or shellfish. This jasper is full of coquina fossilized clams. and the patterns in the rock are of fossilized coquinashells. In the magazine Lapidary Journal (Jan/Feb 2012) it is called Coquina jasper. According to the article, it is not a jasper, it is limestone with neat fossils embedded in it. Quote: With a hardness of 3, limestone is much softer than jasper - coquina is more like a marble than a jasper in that it is a sedimentary rock that has been transformed under pressure to something harder and more durable but not as hard or durable as quartz. Unquote. Many rock cutters have stated that the stone fractures along the shell lines when slicing it for jewelry applications. Most So there you have it. The one thing that is certain and for sure is it is NOT Vietnamese jasper, and I personally must apologize for sustaining and perpetuating this falsehood. Now back to the description of this cute fetish!

Lynn is another extremely talented modernistic artist from the Pueblo of Zuni. His buffalo carvings are sleek and stylish renditions of the American bison and they feel smooth yet energetic in the hand. The eyes of the bison are inlaid of Sleeping Beauty turquoise and the fetish is unsigned, which is a rarity for Lynn. Normally he initials his pieces but not in this instance. The style is unmistakeable.

If you would like to read more about the Buffalo's characteristics and attributes click here. And click here to hear "buffalo" in Shiwi, the language of Zuni.

    Video: No, but view other videos here.
    Price: $65.
    Zuni Carver: Lynn Quam
    Item: Buffalo
    Material: Cochina Jasper
    Dimensions: 1 3/4"L x 1 1/8"T x 5/8"W
    Signed: NO
    Shipping costs: $ 9.25 + depending on your location
    Plus state sales tax to Texas residents!

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