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In June of 2002 we threw an "Elahkwa ("THANK YOU" in Shiwi) Party" on the beautiful patio at the INN OF HALONA. It was our way of expressing our gratitude to the carvers and their families for the generosity of their talents, creativity, their welcoming spirits, and the warmth of their friendship.

We had a catered dinner, a performance by Zuni dancers and a raffle for prizes. About 75 people attended and a good time was had by all!

Thelma Sheche attended with her brother.

Sarah Leekya, Dave & Thelma Sheche

Juana Homer and Sarah Leekya

Dave and Travis Nieto

Sarah Leekya, Dave, Darlene & Thelma Sheche

Gibbs Othole and Bobbie Esalio

A performance by Zuni Dancers in traditional dress was enjoyed by all!

You should NEVER photograph a ceremonial dance, but this was a performance so photos were permissible.

The dancers performed several dances before we had our meal.

The colorful costumes, feathers and jewelry only added to the beauty of the dance.

Dave and Norman Cooeyate

Three beautiful Zuni girls, Vangie Quam, Tiana Kallestewa & Meri Quam

Burt and Marissa Awelagte

Mary Bowannie, Darlene & Juana Homer

Darlene, Florentino Martinez & Harriet Byers Martinez

Dave, Darlene & Travis Nieto

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