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There has been an explosion in recent years of Contemporary Native American Music - from Native American Flute Music to "Gospel", New Age to Orchestral, and Flute Collaborations to Native Pop/Rock. The following titles are some of our personal favorites. You'll find the music soothing and therapeutic. Relax and enjoy!

1998 Triloka Records
Rita Coolidge, her sister Priscilla Coolidge and niece Laura Satterfied-White. "Walela" is Cherokee for "Hummingbird", and these three nightingales will put your day/week/month/year in order again!!!
Native Gospel.

Music for 'The Native Americans'
1994 Capital Records

Robby Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble. Darlene is responsible for this one and it started my quest for more native music. Ex-band member and Native-American Robby Robertson (and Darlene!) must now share responsibility for my obsessively large CD collection!
Native Rock-Pop

William Eaton Ensemble
1994 Canyon Records

Innovative music. Simply WONDERFUL! This is great "in-the-car" music for traveling in the Great Southwest - or for just pretending that you are!
New Age Guitar-Flute

Tracks We Leave
1989 Canyon Records

William Eaton with Nakai (native flutes), Claudia Tulip (classical flute), Rich Rigers (shacuhachi flutes and percussion), Arvel Bird (violin), and Udi Aruoh (taibas, guitar). GREAT! New age music with a definite difference! Excellent companion to "Where Rivers Meet".
New Age Ensembles...

Closer to Far Away
1996 Windham Hill Records

Douglas Spotted Eagle (non-native). A "best buy" - top five! Great layering of sounds. Though we were disappointed to learn that Douglas Spotted Eagle is not Native ..he is nonetheless exceptionally talented, and I enjoy playing along with him!
New Age Flute.

How the West Was Lost

VOL I. 1993 Silver Wave Records - Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai
Soundtrack to the miniseries that TELLS THE TRUTH of the white man's greed and stupidity for attemping to destroy the Native Peoples Spirituality. An astounding series and equally amazing music. Rent the documentary if you can - 14 hours for the complete 7 tape set. Or just listen to the music!
New Age -Orchestral - Flute - Oration.

Night Forest
VOL I. 1986 Xenotrope Music - Coyote Oldman

Very hard to find - but mine and Darlene's favorite. Coyote is non native, but another who has contributed greatly to the "native" flute music scene. He also makes flutes and Darlene gifted me with a very special one a few years back...
"Native" flute.

Canyon Trilogy
1989 Canyon Records - R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo-Ute)

The Master's Original works that started it all - at least for me! Some of my fondest memories of days (and nights!) are of floating down the Rio Grande swallowed by the towering vertical walls of Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park with the haunting sounds of R. Carlos Nakai mixed with the cry of the canyon wren.
Native American flute.

Ancestral Voices
1992 William Eaton and R. Carlos Nakai

A collobration with a master guitar-maker-compose and master flutist...what more needs to be said?
Native American flute, guitar, lyre & harp.

Spirit Dance

1997 Hollywood Records - Peter Buffet and the New World Ensemble.
Awesome composing from the musical director of "500 Nations" - a CBS miniseries by Sony Corp. No disappointment here!
New Age

Tear of The Moon

1987 Xenotrope Music - Coyote Oldman (non-native)
Michael Graham Allen (flutes) and Barry Stramp (electronic magic) ... Great New Age Music!
New Age - "Native" American Flute

Medicine River
1992 - Michael Graham Allen Music

His own production - must have been nice to get some breathing room from the "establishment" ... first solo effort.
New Age - "Native" American Flute

Spotted Eagle
1994 - SOAR Corp.

Non-native Spotted Eagle's ultimate collection. Early works condensed in a compilation
New Age - "Native" American Flute

500 Nations
Peter Buffet - 1994 - Sony Music Entertainment

Soundtrack to CBS Miniseries that shows the destruction and total "rubbing out" of many of the original 500 tribes that were on this continent before the white man showed up.
New Age Rock Orchaestral Flute


Dream Song
1995 Triloka Records - Little Wolf Band

Native American band that backed up Robby Robertson...nice and very different tracks!
New Age Rock Orchaestral Flute

1995 Silverwave Records - Joanne Shenandoah & Peter Kater

Joanne is a direct descendant of Chief Shenandoah of the Oneida Nation who aided George Washington in the "Revolution" ... and then was brushed aside. The Oneida have a few hundred acres left from the millions they once claimed. Joanne sings traditional songs. Produced and backed up by composer Peter Kater.
Native/New Age Traditional

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