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Dumortierite is a hard, opaque gemstone, usually a dusty denim blue, though rarely violet or pink (Violite). It is sometimes called "Blue Desert Lapis." In fact, it is one of the stones used to substitute for true Lapis and is often sold as "Lapis"! However, it lacks the characteristic gold flakes of true Lapis Lazuli. It is rapidly gaining popularity, probably because it goes well with denim (and because it is a much less expensive alternative to Lapis). It gets its name from the French Paleontologist, Eugene Dumortier.

Dumortierite is commonly used as a semi precious/ornamental stone, in the manufacture of high-grade ceramics/porcelain and as mineral specimens. Displaying a vitreous to dull luster, its crystals are translucent to transparent with massive specimens appearing nearly opaque. Having an uneven fracture Dumortierite has a hardness of 7 - 8.5 and a specific gravity of 3.3 - 3.4.

Massive quartz colored blue by included Dumortierite crystals is commonly referred to as Dumortierite quartz. Dumortierite, a boro-silicate mineral, is made unusual by its very attractive deep violet blue color. Interestingly, Dumortierite is the most common boro-silicate with the exception of the Tourmaline Group.

While not used as a precious gemstone due to a lack of clarity, it displays a bright coloring and good hardness. Massive specimens are carved into cabochons, beads, sculptures, eggs and spheres and in China it has been used as a lapis lazuli imitation. While Dumortierite can be misidentified as other ornamental stones (i.e. sodalite, lazurite and lazulite), blue sodalite is less dense and has whiter portions, while lazurite and lazulite are not fibrous.

Dumortierite occurs in Beaunan, France as well as Quartzite, La Paz County, Arizona; Colorado; Oreana, Nevada; New York, New York and Alpine, San Diego County and Los Angeles County, California, USA; Magadanskaya, Siberia, Russia; India and Sahatany, Madagascar. It has many associated minerals including quartz, kyanite, sillimanite, staurolite, andalusite, muscovite, lazulite and pyrophyllite.

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