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Fine Zuni Fetishes from Zuni, New Mexico, USA!



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"The ease and artfulness of a fetish website is critical for a collector. I had not really thought about the attractiveness of a site until I realized I was favoring certain ones. Perhaps it is the designer in me that is stimulated by the rich visual impact of a website like Zuni Spirits. I have collected fetishes for about 7 years and out of the 25 or 30 sites from which I have purchased fetishes Zuni Spiritsranks at the top with maybe one other site. The fetishes seem to come alive on ZS!

Something as mundane as an invoice or certificate of authentication becomes visually important to Darlene and Dave and the attention given to little things becomes a part of the experience. Fetishes can seem to be living things and the passion for quality and visual stimulus works to present them in that way..

I have always been amazed at how many different views the website shows of each fetish. You have every opportunity to study them in the round so to speak and you wind up having a very clear picture of what you have purchased. In addition there is so much information readily available about the piece on the website. The website seems personal and passionate about fetishes. You feel a great respect for the carvers and their society. It is important to me that I feel I am making a connection with the Zunis in a small way. The fetishes have certainly expanded my world and caused me to look more deeply into nature.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and hard work and above all the sincerity with which you operate."

Wayne Womack

"Zuni Spirits is one of the best online sources for fetishes I know. They offer really good stuff, very well presented, excellent prices, fast service & Darlene is always a pleasure!

Their site is great with tons of great photos, excellent descriptions & interesting info. If ever you receive one of their guys and he doesn't work for you, Darlene couldn't be happier to take him back offering whatever you need, a refund, exchange, or credit. I always look forward to their update emails about new listings because I know I will find something that I want to add to my collection!"


"I am a relatively new, and an extremely happy, client of Zuni Spirits. When I received my first order, I was so pleased with my new little guys and with the quick service that I sent an email saying that they had arrived safely and they were beautiful. I felt a little foolish, as I supposed that I was overreacting to what was viewed as a simple business transaction. Not so! I received an enthusiastic thank you from Darlene, telling me that it was important to them to know that their fetishes had found homes with people who were happy with them.

After my next shipment (yes, they are addictive!) I felt freer to express my delight at the quality of the carving, the expressiveness of the figures, and the beauty of the stone. After I sent off my email, I felt a little embarrassed that I had been so "gushy." I was delighted to receive an equally "gushy" response from Darlene!

Darlene and Dave truly love what they are doing, and it shows in the quality of their goods and service. They carry a wide variety of fetishes, from old-fashioned to modern, from tiny to massive, and in all (very reasonable) price ranges. Each one is a beauty. Dave's photography is a great help in selection. He photographs not just left/right, up/down, front/back, but highlights the special qualities of the carving and of the stone. Darlene's descriptions, although brief (and amusing!), tell you exactly what you want to know. As a team, they enable me to "know" my fetishes before I actually meet them. And it didn't take Darlene long to get to know me and what I like in fetishes- without being at all pushy, she has already suggested a special fetish to me, and I hope she will suggest many more!

Although I am a long-time fetish collector, I had for some time paid little attention to my collection. Darlene and Dave's wonderful collection and great service and prices have not just renewed my interest in collecting fetishes, but have given me back my enthusiasm in living in the real, natural world. (Darlene has assured me that any fetish collector would understand that!) In Zuni Spirits, I have found not just a, hopefully endless, supply of wonderful fetishes, but friendship and a renewed enthusiasm for life."

New Jersey

"Zuni Spirits may consider me a "second generation" customer, if generations may be reversed. I first learned about Zuni Spiritsfrom my daughter, who is a collector. Since I have received Zuni fetishes as gifts, and have given them as well, I know the effect of Zuni Spiritson those who give and those who receive. My daughter has sent me some delightful (always including the color purple) fetishes as gifts, so I know that consummate care is given to their travel and arrival.

Since my daughter lives far away from me, I had little idea of the length and breadth of her collection. Her birthday was imminent, and I needed inspiration. My solution was to call Darlene for help. Darlene not only knew my daughter and her preferences, but immediately sent me beautiful pictures of a new selection of fetishes, with views of all sides of the figures. I was able to choose one which proved to be exactly right for the surprise birthday gift.

I must confess to being a fanatic about quality of service, phone manners, businesslike operations, product knowledge, integrity, and professionalism. These days it is very unusual for me to be satisfied in all these areas; in fact, unfortunately, my standards are seldom met in any category. It is my pleasure to say that I am delighted with Zuni Spirits in every facet of their operation. One can be charmed by Darlene's phone personality, which makes one feel like an old friend, and still have every confidence that the packaging, speed, invoicing, payment process, and quality of product are also possible in this unusual business operation. I wish New York and Texas weren't so far apart; I'd like to drop in at Zuni Spirits, see things in action, and thank them in person!"

Linda S. Hardy

"I have been a customer of for several years now, and can honestly describe my experience with them as the most positive purchasing experience I've ever had. Darlene and Dave are extremely knowledgeable about Zuni fetishes and, more importantly, about the Zuni people. Through them, I have learned so much about the culture, the people and the community of Zuni. I have found so many fetishes I will treasure always, some of them ordered especially for me, directly from the carvers. That is a testiment to the relationship Darlene and Dave have with the Zuni people. The quality of the fetishes they carry is unsurpassed, and you can always be sure of their authenticity, artistic value and beauty. I've come to consider Darlene and Dave friends, and have shared many stories and experiences with them as I continue to learn about this fascinating culture."

Marilyn Hartley

"Material excellent, well-described, and shipped promptly. My full recommendations."

FS, Canada

I have been ordering from Zuni Spiritssince May 2003. Their website is outstanding and easy to move around in. Whenever the fetishes arrive, they always look even better than the pictures - and the pictures are wonderful!

I especially like the way Zuni Spirits photographs the fetish in hand so you can get an idea of the size. I also enjoy the nice comments and description of each fetish. You can count on it when Darlene says she will ship on a certain day, and the fetishes are carefully packaged with a certificate of authenticity. Darlene is prompt in answering e-mail EVERY TIME. Her personality shines through and makes my day happier. Darlene has also worked with me on more expensive pieces. I may be a bit partial since Zuni Spirits reside in Texas, but I rarely order fetishes from any other company because I am so happy with their service. If this is your first time ordering fetishes online, or if you usually order from other companies, you should try Zuni Spirits - you will be very pleased and satisfied!

Terri McWilliams
Helotes, TX

"Two and a half years ago, I received my first fetish as a gift from my sister. After doing a web search, I called Darlene with a question about a particular stone I was searching for. After talking with her, I purchased my first fetishes, 4 to be exact, from Zuni Spirits. I have been a completely satisfied customer ever since! My collection now numbers over 90 with 35 of those being purchased from Zuni Spirits.

A certificate of authenticity comes with each purchase which helps document each piece. Dave always packs everything very carefully to ensure that the animal arrives safely at its new home. The web site is in my favorites list and I check it almost daily to see what's happening in Texas. When planning a trip to New Mexico, I even checked out the links. Another phone call to Darlene helped me locate some places near the Zuni reservation and in Gallup to shop.

I wholeheartedly recommend Darlene, Dave, and the rest of the gang at Zuni Spiritsto anyone who loves Native American artwork."

Becky Martin,
Newton, North Carolina

Zuni Spirits is one of my favorite places to buy Zuni fetishes. I have purchased fetishes from Darlene and Zuni Spiritsfor more than a year. And some of my favorite fetishes came from Zuni Spirits. It is very exciting to receive the Preview and wonder if you are the first to ask about a certain fetish. The selection is always interesting with a variety of carvers, and fabulous stones.

The photographs are the best I have seen on any website. The color is true to the actual fetish and they are photographed from every angle. The descriptions of the fetishes are terrific. Darlene always includes interesting comments about the fetish and the carver.

The fetishes are carefully packaged and the shipment is fast! So, you don't have to wait very long to welcome your fetish purchase and add it to your collection.

The Zuni Spiritswebsite is beautifully designed. The Newsletter is particularly fun with wonderful graphics. So, the entire experience is a pleasure, from the great fetishes, to the beautiful photographs, the accurate descriptions, and the fast and careful service. If you love art and good service, you came to the right place."

Dallas TX

"To Whom it May Concern,

As a collector of Zuni fetishes I quickly discovered I loved to buy from ZuniSpirits. Firstly, the photography of objects for sale was unmatched by any other online fetish gallery. Secondly, I was always completely satisfied with the objects I purchased. Most importantly, I quickly established a rapport with Darlene that became the most rewarding relationship in my years of collecting native American arts. Darlene always had time to talk about fetishes, the business of fetishes and, above all, the Zuni themselves. She knows the carvers personally and cares a good deal about them. She has involved herself with the Zuni community as an advocate as well as a business person. The bottom line is that she's great at what she does because she's totally committed to it. Zuni carvers are lucky to have her on their side as are ZuniSpirits customers. If you buy from Darlene you are not buying from someone whose goal is the exploitation of the Zuni.

So when it was time to sell my collection I naturally contacted ZuniSpirits. Darlene and I chatted about the right approach for my collection. We agreed to offer my pieces over time at fixed prices. I suggested minimums for each object and Darlene agreed or, rarely, suggested an adjustment. ZuniSpirits would keep a fair, fixed percentage of the sales price. My collection was shipped to Texas and a complete computer-generated inventory was returned to me promptly. In the months that followed my collection was offered bit by bit through the new listings. Most things sold for their asking price. Once or twice Darlene called up to ask if I would take a little less for something and usually I did. Promptly, at the end of each month, I received an up-to-date copy of the inventory. Newly sold items were marked and a check was enclosed with my net proceeds. It couldn't have been easier for me or more professionally handled. At the tail end of my collection, we decided to put the stragglers onto eBay, a quick and satisfactory solution. I eventually got one piece back as a souvenir!

Whether you are buying or selling Zuni art I couldn't possibly recommend anyone other than ZuniSpirits. They are a first class customer-service oriented business; they are also a source of wisdom and knowledge about the things they sell. In my case they have also been a source of friendship and have earned my greatest respect."

James Lamb
New York City

"I've been dealing with Darlene of Zuni Spirits(and formerly Kindred Spirits) for what seems like a long time. I've learned a lot from her wonderful website, and from emailing and talking to her. I've bought a lot of fetishes in all kinds of price ranges, and have always been thrilled with them, and with the service, and the packaging (including the little snack-packs of blue corn for the fetishes!). I can't say enough good things about Darlene and Zuni Spirits!"

Karen Rohan
New York

"As a long-time highly satisfied customer of Darlene's, I have always found her dealings to be of the absolute highest calibre. Her honesty, personal ethics and integrity are above reproach. It is also important to note the many ways in which she "gives back" to the Zuni Community & does not just use it for personal financial gain. Darlene brings something special to this business and I consider myself extremely lucky to have crossed paths with her."

-Sandra Lee McKenna

"This is just a short note from a customer who has ALWAYS been COMPLETELY SATISFIED in my dealings with Zuni Spirits. Every aspect of our business in the Indian Arts field has been topnotch and I would not hesitate one iota to give Darlene and Dave my highest recommendation."

HB Venice CA

"I have been purchasing fetishes from Zuni Spirits(formerly Kindred Spirits) for many months now and I am proud to say that in Darlene I found not only a totally reliable supplier but someone I came to regard as a true friend. I am very proud of all the items I got from her and never had the slightest problem. I had no problems whatsoever in trusting Darlene with my credit card details and in giving her written permission to charge my card for future acquisitions. I understand that I was probably Zuni Spirits' first foreign customer and that is another cause for satisfaction, as a common love for the wonderful Zuni fetishes could cross such huge distances. Many of my best fetishes came from Darlene and I trust that many more will come my way through the continued efforts of Zuni Spirits."

António Monteiro, Lisbon, Portugal

"Darlene and her Zuni Spiritshave delivered not only a richly photographed web site, but also excellent (FAST) service, very fairly priced fetish carvings and a broad base of knowledge about them.. of the carvers, their history, their techniques, the materials they use, etc. I have purchased from Darlene a number of times, and I find her a polite, responsive, excellent communicator, more than willing to share her knowledge with the collector base. Thanks, Darlene!"

Fred Ross Solon, Ohio

"I have dealt with Darlene for over a year. She has wonderful little animals from Zuni. I have adopted quite a few. I have done all my transactions by credit card. Never a problem. You can trust Darlene."

David from PA

"I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my complete satisfaction doing business with Zuni Spiritsand Darlene , and to endorse the professionalism and integrity with which business is conducted.

As a collector of Zuni fetishes and pottery, I have learned my lessons in "buyer beware" and, as a result, have limited my purchasing to those dealers whose products, service, delivery and business practices consistently meet my standards. I have no qualms in saying that Zuni Spiritsis one of the few online businesses that meets all those criteria and does so in a most amicable manner. I have always been happy with every transaction and, when I am searching for a particular item, it is Darlene who I contact to purchase one on my behalf.

I am also impressed with Zuni Spirits’ regard for the Zuni people, and their commitment to educating their customers about Zuni culture and practices. Their support of projects such as the Aviary and church restoration with proceeds from their sales speaks highly of their commitment to being reputable traders, and sets them apart from many other sellers.

I highly recommend doing business with Zuni Spirits."

Marilyn R. Klompus

"I have been a customer of Darlene and Dave's (first with Kindred Spirits and now with Zuni Spirits) for over a year. My dealings with both of them have always been first rate - great communication about the items for sale, willing to go the extra mile for special requests, and straightforward and honest in all of my transactions with them."

Kris Lierboe

"I have dealt with Darlene and David of Zuni Spiritsfor well over a year, purchasing scores and scores of their wonderful fetishes. I can tell you. without question, that every single purchase was handled in the most professional manner and with the utmost honesty and integrity. I have no vested interest in Zuni Spiritsother than being an enormous fan of their fine merchandise and their way of conducting business on the Internet. Feel free to shop with confidence."

Bob Stanley
Commander, U. S. Navy (Ret)
San Diego, CA

"I have been purchasing fetishes from Zunispirits since almost the beginning of the creation of this new and wonderful on-line store. The integrity of Darlene and Dave is beyond reproach. I have always made my purchases with complete confidence and never have I experienced any difficulties."

Debra, Southern California

"I have been a customer of Zuni Spirits(and its previous incarnation Kindred Spirits) for almost a year now. I have purchased quite a few unique, quality fetishes from Darlene in that time. I have always been extremely satisfied with my dealings with Darlene and Dave. They are quality people and I feel I have become friends with them during that time. Darlene has also worked with me on layaway purchases of higher end pieces. It is their integrity and fine merchandise that keeps me coming back time and again. I will continue to do so. If you are looking for a positive recommendation from an avid fetish collector, you have it when it comes to dealing with Zuni Spirits."

Scott Campbell

"Zuni Spiritsis a wonderful place. Not only are the fetishes amazing (truly amazing), not only is the site exquisitely designed (one of the most beautiful on the web), but it is loaded with information and has helped educate a new collector like me about Zuni, the carvers, and the carvings themselves. Darlene is warm, helpful, patient, and she loves to share her passion and knowledge of this art. I have total confidence in her, and I have never received anything but fabulous fetishes from Zuni Spirits, lovingly packed and shipped promptly and with care. I love this site."

Michael W. Cothren

All comments used with expressed permission.

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