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Fine Zuni Fetishes from Zuni, New Mexico, USA!


ZUNI SPIRITS: A Portfolio of Fine Zuni Fetish Carvings

Z U N I //// S P I R I T S:
A Portfolio Of Fine Zuni Fetish Carvings
by David Austin Riggs & Darlene Meader Riggs

Over 300 full color photos
160 pages - Black Linen Hardcover, glossy dustjacket
8.5" x 10" - Signed upon request
$107. (US Priority) ///// $112. (OS Priority)/////$126. (Express International)

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"Longtime art dealers and art lovers David Austin Riggs and Darlene Meader Riggs take the reader on a loving journey into the artistry of Zuni fetish carvings. More than 300 lush photographs are accompanied by expert explanations of these tiny treasures. Whether you collect fetish carvings or just love them from afar, this book will provide much enjoyment. A must-have for the serious collector!"

Debra Utacia Krol, Book Editor,

Our purpose in publishing this book is to share the artistry and beauty of Zuni fetishes. As collectors we appreciate the various reference books written about Zuni fetishes and they are all within easy reach of our desks. But the elements of Zuni fetishes that attract us, draw us in and take our breath away are missing in those kinds of publications. The nuances of the stone, the finesse of the carver and the physical elements of the immense symbolism, these are the things we want to share here.

The Governor of Zuni Pueblo, Norman Cooeyate, has written the introduction for the book and says, "ZUNI SPIRITS: A PORTFOLIO OF FINE ZUNI FETISH CARVINGS is a wonderful compilation of the talent residing in Halona Idiwan'a. Dave's photography and Darlene's writing thoroughly captures the details of each fetish, the beauty of every stone and the artistry of each carver. This book, different from all other fetish collector books, appropriately showcases the "ZUNI SPIRIT" in each fetish. It portrays the expansive talents of the A:shiwi carvers from the oldest to the youngest, from the old style to the newer creative styles and all those in between. One not only sees the spirit within the fetish, but also experiences the spirit of the carver."

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