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Fine Zuni Fetishes from Zuni, New Mexico, USA!



We are an ONLINE business and request that you place your orders for Zuni fetishes via EMAIL.

Each of the fetishes will have a order link on its individual page but if this link does not work for you simply email your request to any (or all) of the following email addresse to insure receipt of your order:

Unless there is a notice on the site that we're away, you should receive a response within an hour. (Overseas collectors, please remember the time difference.)

Please include the following information in your request:

Item # of Zuni fetishes you're interested in
Your complete shipping address
Preferred method of payment (Paypal, Money Order or Check)

We'll confirm the availability, give you a total for payment (including shipping and insurance) and instructions for payment online or via mail.

Online payments should be made via Paypal and our user name is Money orders and checks should be made payable to ZUNI SPIRITS and sent to P. O. Box 337, Grapeland, TX 75844. (We reserve the right to hold personal checks for clearing.)

We'll confirm payment receipt and l advise you via email of your shipping date . You will receive an email directly from USPS when your parcel is scanned into the system that contains tracking information.


Based on parcels 1 lb. and under, here are your approximate priority, insured shipping costs. Heavier, larger parcels will require additional postage. WE WILL CONFIRM YOUR SHIPPING COSTS AND SEND YOU A TOTAL AMOUNT DUE VIA EMAIL. This is just for your information only.

The cost of your item is $1. - $50. $8.50
$50. - $100. in value $9.25
$100. - $200. in value $10
$200. - $300. in value $11.25
$300. - $400. in value $12.50/td>
$400. - $500. in value $13.50
$500. - $600. in value $14.50
$600. - $700. in value $15.75
$800. - $900. in value $17.75
$900. - $1000. in value $19.00
$1000. - $1100. in value $20.00
$1100. - $1200. in value $21.00
$1200. - $1300. in value $22.50
$1300. - $1400. in value $23.50
$1400. - $1500. in value $24.50
$1500. - $1600. in value $25.50
$1600. - $1700. in value $26.75
$1700. - $1800. in value $28.00
$1800. - $1900. in value $29.00
$1900. - $2000. in value $30.00

DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS: All our domestic parcels are shipped via USPS Priority Flat Rate Small Video Box, Insured delivery with tracking numbers. ***NOTE: Larger boxes will cost more. ***Over 4 lbs will cost extra.***

FOREIGN SHIPMENTS: Foreign shipments are delivered via FLATRATE International with no insurance **** NOTE EACH COUNTRY IS A DIFFERENT PRICE!!! WE CANNOT BE LIABLE FOR LOST OR DAMAGED INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS. We cannot assume responsibility for lost parcels when we can prove packages left the United States in a timely manner. Let us know if you PREFER insured overseas shipping and we can quote you a price.

ADDITIONAL FEES: Larger, heavier carvings or shipping multiple fetishes may incur additional postage.

LOSS OR BREAKAGE: We take great care in packaging fetishes for shipment, but in the event you do have breakage all insurance claims must be processed through YOUR post office and a claim must be filed with YOUR post office for reimbursement. If breakage occurs, you MUST retain the packing materials for inspection by YOUR post office. If you have loss or breakage, notify us IMMEDIATELY and we will retain and complete our portion of the claim form and send it to you. You must complete YOUR portion and take the form, the item and the packaging to YOUR post office in order to process a claim.

EXPRESS SHIPPING: Express shipping is not available at our small town post office. Special arrangements CAN be made but we must travel 45 minutes to the next, larger town to ship.

SHIPPING MATERIALS: We use bio-degradeable excelsior (shredded wood) as padding in our parcels. Please don't throw it away! Reuse it, put it in your compost pile, throw it in your flower beds or place it where birds or other critters can use it for nesting materials!

CONTACTING ZUNI SPIRITS: We prefer that you reach us via email and we have several that you may use:

If you must reach us by telephone please call 936 687 9043 during normal business hours, Monday - Friday and ask for David when you call. (Our elderly mother resides with us and will likely answer the phone, so please identify yourself as a Zuni Spirits customer and ask for DAVID. Thanks!)

TEXAS STATE SALES TAX: All Texas residents are required to pay the 6.75% State Sales Tax.

OUR RETURN POLICY: We buy directly from the carvers or from our sources in Zuni Pueblo. We guarantee all our fetishes to be authentic. We pride ourselves on taking clear, well-lit photographs so that you can see what you are buying. With that in mind, and knowing that we will state any flaws in carving or stone in our description, we will accept returns on the following conditions:

    Email PRIOR to return and state reason.
    Pack well and INSURE.
    Refund will be via means of payment.
    Return within 10 days of receipt.

We very much appreciate your business and hope that you find browsing the pages of Zuni Spirits a pleasant and educational experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We are happy to hear from you!

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