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2007 Inauguration of Governor Norman Cooeyate &
The Tribal Council of Zuni Pueblo

General photo of the audience that is in attendance. Vangie (Norman & Jackie's youngest) is the last person on the right (in the gray and blue sleeved jacket) taking photos.

This photo is an example of how each councilman/woman is seated by the head cacique (owner of the house). This is Dixie Tsabetsaye being seated by Smith Cachini. The outgoing administration is seated on the left and the incoming is seated on the right side of the photo.

This photo shows Zuni's first ever head councilwoman, Shelly Chimoni, being given the cane of office by the outgoing head councilman, Carlton Albert. The canes are symbolic of each elected position and each cane contains differing sterling silver tops.

This picture shows the outgoing Lt. Governor, Carmilita Sanchez, giving the cane to incoming Lt. Governor, Dancy Simplicio. The incoming Lt. is dressed traditionally, but it is not evident in the photo. The gentleman to the right of Norman Cooeyate is Bow Priest, Perry Tsadiasi, who brought each group from a designated location for the inauguration to occur.

Another photo of the head cacique giving the oath of office to Lt. Governor, whom you cannot see.

This photo shows how large the audience was for the event. The three incumbants indicated that this was the largest audience they had ever seen during their previous inaugurations.

Here is Governor Norman Cooeyate being given the oath of office by the head cacique. The Governor is the first to be installed and his cane is used to give the oath of office to the remainder of the council while they hold the canes of their respective positions.

As in photo #2, the head cacique leans the individual in the six different directions before seating the individual. The outgoing council person then approaches the seated individual and kneels before them, see photo #3, and gives them the cane and a small prayer relinquishing their position to the new installed individual.

The head cacique then kneels before the individual and with the Governor's cane gives the oath of office to the newly installed individual. The individual then returns to their seat in a formation based upon their elected position.

Another photo of the Lt. Governor being installed by the head cacique. He is holding the Governor's cane while the Lt. Gov. is holding her cane of office.

Newly inaugurated Governor Cooeyate and Lt. Governor Simplicio greet their community.

This is the group that were elected to lead the Pueblo of Zuni. Seated, Governor Norman Cooeyate, and standing left to right, Dancy Simplicio, Lt. Governor; Shelly Chimoni, Head Councilwoman; Dixie Tsabetsaye, Treasurer; Carlton Albert Sr., incumbant; Arden Kucate, incumbant; Winona Stacy Peynetsa, Secretary; Charlotte Bradley, incumbant. The ladies are in their traditional dress, while the councilmen are in their best suits. All are holding their canes for their respective positions.

Lt. Governor Simplicio and Governor Cooeyate

Governor of Zuni Pueblo, Norman Cooeyate,
in full traditional regalia.

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