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Zuni Spirits is proud to represent a variety of Zuni fetish carvers, including Leland Boone!

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Leland Boone

Zuni Spirits is proud to represent a variety of Zuni fetish carvers, including Leland Boone! Zuni fetishes are treasures from the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo, NM! We appreciate your interest in Zuni fetishes.  Collecting them is a passion we share! Zuni Spirits is celebrating 13 years of online web-gallery representation of Zuni fetish carvings! Leland Booneis just one of the talented artisans whose work you'll find often at Zuni Spirits! Zuni Spirits is proud to represent a variety of Zuni fetish carvers, including Leland Boone! Leland Booneis just one of the talented artisans whose work you'll find often at Zuni Spirits!

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The Boone family of carvers have exceptional taste in stones and this hefty turtle is made from septarian nodule. Septarian is a very unique stone found in only a few places on earth. In the USA septarians are found near Zion National Park in Southern Utah. They are also found in Mahajanga in Madagascar and Morocco. They were formed in an ancient sea floors during the Cretaceous Period 50-70 million years ago. As they weathered out of the gray or tan clay hills one at a time, they could be picked up on the surface. Now bulldozers are required for their excavation which usually 20 to 30 feet underground. Septarian nodules are unusual to look at and can vary considerably in color and shape. In contrast to most geodes which are volcanic in nature, septarians are a form of sedimentary geode. They formed on sea beds millions of years ago and when they dried out they cracked and formed hollowinteriors. The interiors usually become either partly or completely full with other minerals, such as calcite, giving septarian its unusual texture and features. Volcanic eruptions killed the sea life and they became trapped in the sediment and formed mud balls then the ocean receded and the balls were left to dry and crack. The ocean returned depositing more shell life above them. As this decomposed calcite from shells was carried down into the cracks of the mud balls and calcite crystals formed. A thin wall of calcite was transformed into aragonite dividing the bentonite shale clay exteriors from the calcite centers. Septarian is also known as Dragon Stone and the name comes from an old Malagasy legend. It is said that when the dragons died out they fossilized & became part of the sea bed that later became septarian and it is this formation that resembles the scales of dragons!

The eyes of this turtle are inlaid of Sleeping Beauty turquoise and the fetish is unsigned which is more often than not typical of carver and family. All-in-all this is a great carving for your pond!

If you would like to read more about the Turtle's characteristics and attributes click here. And click here to hear "Turtle" in Shiwi, the language of Zuni.

    Video: No, but view other videos here.
    Price: $125.
    Zuni Carver: Leland Boone
    Item: Turtle
    Material: Septarian Nodule
    Dimensions: 2 3/4"L x 7/8"T x 1 5/8"W
    Signed: NO
    Shipping costs: $ 10.00 + depending on your location
    Plus state sales tax to Texas residents!

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